Monday, 25 September 2017

Tuesday, 12 September 2017


In the middle of the world lies a huge ball of fire known as the core. Burning hot lava collided with the rock and turned to ash and black smoke rose from the molten rock. The core was covered with gnawed, chewed bones and was home to Goblins.

The Goblin queen sat on her throne covered with gold, diamonds, sapphires, silver and rubies. “I have gathered you here today, to see who is the best to be my king!” The crowd was wild. Everyone was shouting so hard that you could hear their voices at the surface. So the queen held a tournament to decide who will be the new king. The first round was, who was the strongest? Goblins from all over the globe came to participate.
The first goblin came forward. He was tasked to pick up a 20kg dumbbell. He leaned forward and held his hands towards the bars and picked it up easily! The crowd went wild with excitement . Everyone cheered so hard that if you were down there, your eardrums would have bursted. The second goblin came forward and was tasked to pick up a 35kg dumbbell. He held his hands and picked it up. The crowd cheered harder but he tumbled backwards. He lost his balance and his dumbbell was about to fall. Suddenly a goblin ran towards him and saved his life. The crowd shouted the loudest for the goblin who had saved the other one’s life.
The second round was who was the fastest, so the queen held a race. They had to race 700m. Everyone raced through the track after the pistol went “BANG”!!! The fastest goblin was in the lead. Suddenly the goblin in the lead tripped over. The kind goblin who had rescued the weightlifter picked up the goblin and carried him over the finish line.

The third and last round was to swim in the lava. “3,2,1, GO!!!” the referee shouted. Everyone swam as fast as they could. The goblin in the lead was swimming like a torpedo. But as he was swimming, a whirlpool was sucking him deeper into the core. “AHHHHHH” he shouted for help. The kind goblin heard his voice. He swam like a bullet to save the goblin. “Hold my hand” said the kind goblin as he pulled him to safety.

Later that day the queen gathered all the participants “I declare the winner is the kind goblin, Globin because of the selflessness, kindness and bravery he demonstrated, Three cheers for the new king”.  The crowd shouted the loudest they had ever done. Globin ruled the goblin kingdom for the next 100 years and was known to be a brave, kind and honourable ruler.

Thursday, 24 August 2017

Fairytale with a twist

Once upon a time there dwelled on the outskirts of a large forest a poor woodcutter with his wife and two children.

The two children of the woodcutter were sent into the forest by their stepmother. The canopy blocked the sunlight from shining in the dense forest. The cold, dark and haunted atmosphere made the siblings anxious. The two children could hear wolves howling, owls hooting and leaves rustling behind them.

Hansel and Gretel had dark brown eyes and wore red and green clothes the colour of holly leaves and berries.

In a clearing, Hansel and Gretel saw a cottage made entirely out of candy and sweets. The walls of the cottage were constructed from caramel coloured gingerbread and was decorated with giant juicy jelly beans. The roof was tiled with creamy rich chocolate bars and candies of blue, red, green, yellow, and pink colours.

Hansel and Gretel sprinted towards the house where they saw a witch. The witch wore a purple dress and a pointy hat. She had green eyes and a deep voice. The witch stopped Hansel and Gretel and picked them up by the shirts and dragged them in the house. As soon as they entered the house, the siblings pushed past the witch and started consuming the house greedly. The witch begged and pleaded “please don't eat my house”. “NOM NOM NOM BURP!!!” replied the nasty siblings. Hansel and Gretel continued eating for hours until there was nothing left but tiny crumbs. After eating for hours, Hansel and Gretel looked like two gigantic balls. They couldn't move a single step. They became so fat that they could be seen from a mile away. As the two siblings couldn't move, the witch felt it was safe to call the police.

A long while later, the police came and they saw two enormous balls. There were flashing red and blue lights all over the crime scene and helicopters all over the dark sky. The policemen had tasers, pistols and handcuffs attached to their belts. “WHERE ARE THE CRIMINALS?” asked the officer loudly. “THOSE TWO CHILDREN RIGHT OVER HERE” said the witch. The police looked at the two children and said  “they are too fat to fit inside the van” so the police officers proceeded to roll the two evil children to the police station.

In court Hansel and Gretel were handcuffed behind their backs and surrounded by two muscular police officers. The accused were questioned. “Hansel and Gretel you have been found guilty for the crime you have committed” said the judge. “You are to be sent to prison for ten years with no parole”. The officers dragged Hansel and Gretel to prison.

Wednesday, 23 August 2017